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01-22: Teen Wolf

I may have had too much coffee at work today, so instead of being in bed this happened!!!

And because there's such a tendency for me to go dark with Teen Wolf caps (lbr the show gives us so many night scenes and broody interiors), I decided to try and make these icons as light as possible. So basically all of these were just exercises in lighting TW caps without them looking super degraded. YAY. There's a lot of Stiles and Lydia and Isaac because... um. Because. And I would have done a few more icons of Derek (Dumbest Face Award 2013!!!), but he kind of spent the entire episode run through with a pole, so...
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Crop, crop, crop

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01-01: Doctor Who
02-08: Generation Kill
09-21: Hannibal
22-29: Supernatural
30-41: Teen Wolf
42-47: The Vampire Diaries

HI I'M ALIVE. I've just been working/spending my time on Tumblr. Also, this post is made entirely from fanmix art, because I've been making a shit ton of fanmixes and show no signs of stopping!! YAY
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Front Row

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01-03: Burn Notice
04-11: Doctor Who
12-17: Fight Club
18-28: Teen Wolf
29-30: Misc.

I had Big Plans for these icons. I was going to make an icon for every episode of Doctor Who. Teen Wolf was going to be a rainbow of seasons 1 and 2. Fight Club was going to be huge. Most of these started out being for theiconquest, but somehow they just became regular icons. It's just one of those things. I'm really only posting them because Real Life Stuff has gotten pretty crazy and I'm not going to have a whole lot of time for anything fun and LJ-related in the near future.
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The Future's Not Ours to See

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01-10: Dead Like Me
11-38: Supernatural
39-49: Misc

The DLM and Supernatural sets are both for theiconquest! I've always found Supernatural caps to be difficult to work with— I shy away from them a lot of the time because it's such a challenge to pull out vibrant, natural colors. So for this little batch I decided to try and conquer coloring when so many shots are muted or shadowed. I hope I succeeded!