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Skin & Bones

There is something… different about Sookie Stackhouse, though he can't quite put his finger on it. He can see the fire in her, burning underneath her skin, lighting up her insides with anger and compassion and pride alike. It is curious. In all the years that have been swept up in his wake, steadying his hands and his mind and his indifference, there have been precious few times where he has become so intrigued by something. By someone. And while our blond barmaid senses his interest in her, and her abilities, she finds that trying to ignore the sparks he sets off in her is becoming increasingly difficult. And so the beginning of their journey is set to faltering, uncertain static, filtering between the hum of guitars and smooth voices weaving in out, letting their story unfold. But then— the synths. Sweeping electronic beats and orchestral crescendos slip in to represent the foreign territory they unwittingly begin to explore simply by catching the others' gaze— and soon they are well on their way, letting emotion dictate what their actions should be, with no room for logic and little for peace. Sookie's corner of Louisiana will never be the same again.

Here at timeisfiction.
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