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The New Year

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01-12: Doctor Who
13-17: Primeval
18-21: Sherlock
22-26: Black Books, Misfits, The Vampire Diaries

A new year! A reason everyone will be writing the date wrong for at least a month! Shows will be coming back! Or premiering! More stuff will happen that we can't predict! Like a new way for me to do my icon posts! Separating everything by subject instead of a huge clump in the middle of the page!
hv║we are like planets revolving

The Return

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01-22: Requests
23-23: Ashley Greene
24-30: Doctor Who
31-36: Generation Kill
37-37: Kick-Ass
38-45: True Blood
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Fic: Lost and Found (Small Deaths Remix)

Lost and Found (Small Deaths Remix). Doctor Who: Martha, Donna, Ten/Rose, Pg-13.
They've both seen the mark of her in different rooms, proof that the memory of her, like a ghost, still remains; but now they see how her things affect him.
The silence of the room is not friendly, but neither is it uncomfortable; it almost seems sad, and she wonders, a little, how she got to the point where even the absence of something could be touched with tragedy. A remix of hippiebanana132's Lost and Found, for chips_remixed.

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Fic: Songs Your Mother Never Sang You

Songs Your Mother Never Sang You. Doctor Who: Ten/Rose, Pg-13.
But the truth of it is: you will never hear your heels click— only the ticking of a clock.
Sometimes you dream in black and white. You never used to, before, but now soft grays color your mother's face, and sometimes she will sing songs that you have never heard before, but you will feel like you should have remembered them somehow. Fairytales, for then_theres_us.

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Fic: Bless the Weather

Bless the Weather. Doctor Who: Ten/Rose, Pg-13.
Time has never been a straight line for Rose Tyler. It should have figured that dimensions wouldn't be either. Pre- and Post-Series 4, all at the same time. Summer, for then_theres_us.
The field below is dry and crackling, shadowed by the impending sound of lightning, and even as she shifts uncomfortably with impatience, she can hear the grass crunching against the whisper of a breeze further down from where she's standing. She breathes in deeply, calmly, tasting the changing pressure, feeling fine strands of her hair rising with static.

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Fic: Grey

Once upon a time, I wrote Castles. It was short, and sad, and dealt with the death of Rose. And then I wrote the sequel - about how the Doctor dealt with it. It was considerably longer, and in two parts. I posted the first part. And then I went to college and got a Mac and never posted the second part. My Mac, at the moment, is quite dead, so in my PC wanderings I stumbled across it, really and truly finished it, and am now posting it in its entirety.

Grey (You Always Loved Those Fading Skylines). Doctor Who: Ten/Rose, Pg-13.
It’s silly, he knows, and entirely unhealthy to be doing this. Carrying on conversation like she’ll respond, but is maybe busy thinking of something clever to say, with fingers pulling against her lips as she waits for the perfect comeback.

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