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There are angels in your angles

There's a low moon caught in your tangles

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and then the fireworks happened ☼ carina
20 May
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I like television, frosted mini-wheats, and long walks in the woods.

Here be icons and impeccable grammar.

+ Request something.
- Read something.
= Listen to something.

Currently affiliates with these lovely ladies:
tubrute | baroque___dirt
warpedwater | watered_faith | oblivion_ic
"new zealand rocks!!!!!", a bit of fry + laurie, acoustic doomsday music, alabaster retard, alan davies' head, albi the racist draaagon, alex skarsgård's giant viking self, alias seasons 1+2, amélie poulain, angel the adaptable vampire, arrested development, art, audrey tautou's everything, batman, billie "i'm back" piper, billie piper's pop career, black and white photographs, blood+ soundtrack, books, buffy the snarky vampire slayer, captain jack harkness, cardiff's secret alien life, cheekbone delivered by ninja, christopher eccleston, chuck palahniuk, crazy!gaius/six, crunchy friends in a liquid broth, david tennant's everything, dead like me, dexter morgan's diy attitude, doctor who, doctor/rose, dorothy "ace" mcshane, edna st. vincent millay, edward norton, eighth doctor's vocabulary, fatal oil paints, fifth doctor's injuries, fight club, firefly's witty writing, flight of the conchords, fourth doctor, generation kill, green wing, halia patrol, harry potter in different languages, helvetica, heroes, hex, house season one, howard moon, hugh laurie, icons, ipods with larger memory, james "vengeance is mine" ransone, jane austen, jared padalecki, jared padalecki's height, jensen "sexbomb" ackles, jensen ackles' eyelashes, jim/pam, john barrowman, john keats, john simm, johnny frostbite & co., julian barrett, kara thrace and her special destiny, kara/anders, kara/lee, katee sackhoff, kaylee/simon, laughing, lawnmower orgasms, life on mars, little miss sunshine, living under the sun, logan/veronica, london-ers, mates, mcgann saying gallifrey, michael scott, michael's irrational toby hate, motion design, mr. saxon, music, music branding, neil gaiman (aka god), nine/rose, ninth doctor's humor, noel fielding's fashion sense, oh my time lord, pancakes, peter davison, peter/claire, philosophy, photoshop, picspams, pirates, pride and prejudice, qi, river/simon, roslin/adama, sam/annie, schrute farms, sci-fi channel films, scrapped princess, serenity, seventh doctor's spoon skills, sketchbooks, sophie aldred's jawline, specs!doctor, star wars, stephen fry, supernatural, sylvester mccoy, ten/rose, tennant's weird laugh, tenth doctor's sex appeal, that's what she said, the boosh's moon, the daily show repeats, the mighty boosh, the office, the revamped battlestar galactica, the sandman series, the third doctor and his shoes, the winchesters, they say of the acropolis.., tom baker, torchwood, trollbäck+company, tundra boy, typography, univers font family, vectors, venus is made of felt, veronica mars, vince noir, vince's one brain cell, web design, weeping bad tiger people, wizard of oz, you just want to mate?!, you're a giant duck, zoe/wash

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