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Fic: Another Step Toward the Lux Aeterna

Another Step Toward the Lux Aeterna. Twilight: Edward/Bella, Pg-13.
Electricity, for twilightprompts.
He watches her dream, and he can recall the days of his life when he was not unusual, electric. When he did not burn with something close to fire.
Bizarre AU-missing-scene-thing.
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hv║we are like planets revolving

Fic: A Dirge Before Morning

a dirge before morning. twilight: edward/bella, r.
She thinks she will remember the shift of feeling inside of her, always know exactly when her life became something brighter, but the truth of it is that it happened long before then. How she met him on the other side of death.
A telling of Breaking Dawn in prose. No real spoilers.
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hv║we are like planets revolving

Icons, finally.

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01-05: Billie Piper
06-07: John Simm
08-00: Becoming Jane
09-00: Thom Yorke
10-24: Doctor Who
25-28: The Mighty Boosh
29-30: Torchwood
31-33: Twilight
hv║we are like planets revolving

Gathering Dusk (Edward/Bella)

Isabella Swan is in love with a vampire. The slow and endless drizzle of her new town makes the green of the trees and grass glisten, ethereal. Her life is clouded by painstaking adoration and the constant struggle to survive the supernatural things she manages to stumble upon. So it's a fairly good thing that her vampire loves her back, fiercely and selflessly, and tries to protect her from the horrible wonders of his world. The songs you are about to encounter were chosen both for lyrical and atmospheric value, and the overall tone mimics that of their relationship: something haunting, otherworldly -- something beautiful.

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