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im║we all have beginnings

Much good may it do you

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01-20: 20inspirations Multi-fandom
21-52: Iron Man/Iron Man 2
53-56: Misc
hv║we are like planets revolving

We laughed at the moonlight far beyond

I've not posted in ages! This is very distressing.

As such, I decided to post a little entry saying hello, no I've not actually been eaten, and so sorry for just up and disappearing. The sad fact of the matter is that I'm in the middle of exams, but I don't have to worry about them after tomorrow! *pumps fist*

Anyways, I've got some of the interest icons, and some challenge entries, and folders that had an icon or two which I hadn't yet posted. The rest of the interest icons are on their way, I assure you. I get side-tracked and end up with 3-5 icons per person, so.. it might be another week.

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01-24: Interest Icons
25-31: Doctor Who
32-00: Firefly
33-35: Never Mind the Buzzcocks
36-00: Supernatural
hv║we are like planets revolving

Multi-fandom post

06 Actor
02 Angel
02 Firefly/Serenity Trailer
17 Lost
13 Movie [City of Angels, Constantine, Edward Scissorhands]
14 Music [Brand New, Dandy Warhols, Elysian Fields, Green Day, Muse]
11 Veronica Mars

01 Green Day
01 Lost
01 Tobey Maguire

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