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The Reichenbach Fall

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01-78: Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall

On a completely unrelated note, how awful are LJ cuts now? Dingbats, LJ? REALLY? DINGBATS? SOMEONE KILL IT WITH FIRE. I hated it so much I came up with some weird hack to get around it and much like many other humans, I despise having to put actual effort into fixing something that should have never broken. Zero for you, Glen Coco.
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Tiny In-between Post

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01-11: Film/Television
12-26: Sherlock

Weird stuff!!! Mostly entries from challenge comms and the like, but I feel like I haven't posted in ages, so here you are! I have another (relatively huge) post coming with Reichenbach stuff because let's face it, not going to get over that mess of emotions any time soon.

And in case you want to give your emotions a soundtrack (who doesn't!!!!), I made a fanmix over at timeisfiction, based on Sherlock & John during the episode. Emotions! What is emotions!
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The first of the year

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01-30: Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia

Work is slow, so I thought I'd ring in the new year with some Sherlock! I've already watched it about 4 times and this will probably turn into a problem but lbr how is being obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch's face a real problem? Hahahaha oh god someone take Photoshop away from me.
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The New Year

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01-12: Doctor Who
13-17: Primeval
18-21: Sherlock
22-26: Black Books, Misfits, The Vampire Diaries

A new year! A reason everyone will be writing the date wrong for at least a month! Shows will be coming back! Or premiering! More stuff will happen that we can't predict! Like a new way for me to do my icon posts! Separating everything by subject instead of a huge clump in the middle of the page!