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ata║the forward spiral

I'm wide awake, it's morning.

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01-00: Amélie // 02-00: Donnie Darko // 03-00: Dracula // 04-00: Dexter // 05-00: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind // 06-07: Fight Club // 08-00: Good Will Hunting // 09-10: The Illusionist // 11-00: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang // 12-00: A Knight's Tale // 13-16: Lost in Austen // 17-00: Lost in Translation // 18-00: The Matrix // 19-00: Pride and Prejudice // 20-00: Quantum of Solace // 21-00: Shaun of the Dead
22-25: True Blood
26-33: Twilight
34-65: Requests
hv║we are like planets revolving

Icons, finally.

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01-05: Billie Piper
06-07: John Simm
08-00: Becoming Jane
09-00: Thom Yorke
10-24: Doctor Who
25-28: The Mighty Boosh
29-30: Torchwood
31-33: Twilight
hv║we are like planets revolving

All of A Sudden, I Miss Everyone: A Cpt. Jack Harkness Fanmix

He's on the brink of timelessness, one foot on earth and the other in infinity, and it's probably going to last for more than the weekend. What would you do with millions of years of your life left to live? You'd learn and laugh and fight aliens and dress vintage, eat bad food and maybe like, maybe love and always, always miss. You can't know what you're missing, exactly; mortality, finality, a blue box, a winning smile? I guess it would depend on the day. Or, you know, century. But, it's like this: Captain Jack Harkness is a mystery, ladies and gentlemen. Hopefully this will get you a little closer to understanding him.

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